May 15, 2012


All of sudden, our backyard was invaded by a thousand dandelions! The funny thing is that their colour matches almost all my outfits, so they fit very well in the pictures :)

I used to have a severe allergy to dandelion pollen (and birch, grass, weeds, poplar... everything!), but after two and a half years of allergy immunotherapy shots, my seasonal allergies and hay fever are gone. No more piles of Kleenexes, stingy eyes and runny nose! Now I could roll into a field of dandelions without a single sneeze. Awesome! I wouldn't risk it, though. Just in case... Haha!

Sweater: SWS (3 $) / Blazer: UK 2 LA (15 $) / Necklace: Simons (5 $)
Lace shorts: Urban Outfitters (5 $) / Boots: Payless

I couldn't resist picking some dandelions to take a bunch of random photobooth-style pictures...

I didn't want to throw the flowers away, so I made a bouquet and added weeds. I used to make a lot of weeds bouquets when I was little. I also picked my mom's roses and peonies to plant them into my sandbox, hoping they would grow into a beautiful garden. Too bad it never happened! The concept of "picking flowers actually kills them" was still abstract to me ;)

Annie Crane - Jump With A Child's Heart


  1. Love how sunshine-y your outfit is. Never knew such shots existed. DEFINITELY going to look into it!

  2. awww you look adorable with the flowers xD even though you're eating it in one of the photos, love your shoes and the whole outfit <3 the dandelions complemented your photos perfectly, those lace shorts are gorgeous!

  3. Looove it, so cute!!!!

  4. Aww, i used to pick flowers and think they'd grow if i stuck them back into the ground haha. Loving this outfit and that necklace is really pretty :) x


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