May 8, 2012


So I guess the title says it all... Haha! The blog won't be updated very often this week, since I have a ton of school work to do. I like blogging, but my current priority is finishing college without failing any classes. I have very good grades, but I have some pretty important projects that are due this week and I'm all stressed out.

Here's a project I'm currently working on (due tomorrow, worth 40% of final mark, eek!). It's a fictive website for a travel and tourism event. I used a picture of the Grand Canyon, since it's the first place that pops into my mind when I think of travelling around the world. I get a serious case of wanderlust every single time I see pictures of those rocky landscapes. Ahhhhhh! Someday my feet will touch that ground, but for now, I'm sitting in front of a screen and messing around with text, strokes and buttons. Some elements such as social media icons, search field, contest ad and footer text are still floating around waiting to be placed. I should do a little cleanup before continuing... Right now, it's a hot mess of nameless layers. Oh, lazy me. Anyway, I'll show you the final result tomorrow :-)

Good luck for your own finals :-) Don't forget to eat! And get some sleep!


  1. Oh my, 960 grids, I had a web design class this semester and I have another one in the fall. Tough stuff! Good luck!


  2. I love how it looks, seriously can't think of something I'd change, hope you get excellent grades on all your projects and really want to see the final result of this one :)

  3. ho! going very well! ;)
    good luck! :D


  4. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a jewelry giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :) xx


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