May 30, 2012

Histoire de Melody Nelson

I first saw this dress at Jupon Pressé a while ago. However, the price tag was pretty scary (114 $). The dress went on sale last week, but it was still out of my price range (96 $, eek!). When I saw it at Simons last Saturday, it was marked down to...

Yup, forty dollars! It was still a bit of a splurge to me, but it was too much of a good deal, so I bought it. The dress spent the whole weekend in my bag, so it need some serious ironing, but I love it. The details are so adorable: little pleats, bows, lace, a delicate collar and some pockets. Any dress that has pockets has some strong chances to become part of my most worn items! I first wore it on a cloudy day, so I paired it with a bright cardigan (my absolute favourite one). I added black tight-high socks for a bit of warmth. I've been very fond of tight-high socks lately. I can't wear them during Winter since it's way too cold outside, but they're perfect for chill Spring days :)

Dress: Darling (40 $) / Cardigan: H&M (17 $)
Socks: Ardène (3 for 10 $) / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10 $)
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Ballade de Melody Nelson

Elle avait de l'amour  
Pauvre Melody Nelson  
Ouais, elle en avait des tonnes  
Mais ses jours étaient comptés 
Quatorze automnes  
Et quinze étés

This song is part of Gainsbourg's 1971 concept album Histoire de Melody Nelson. If you enjoy it, I strongly recommend you listen to the album as a whole (here). It's a masterpiece! :)


  1. What a lovely dress! Just want to add that I totally agree with the pocket thing, I get a little over excited when I find a dress or skirt with pockets, so useful!

  2. I love it! Worth $40 considering the huge mark down :)

  3. That dress was such a bargain compared to what it was originally! And it looks so lovely on you :) Thanks for putting this song up, I really like it and as I study French for A levels (got my final exam in three weeks D:) Its always good to listen to french songs :)

  4. Oh my goodness that dress is adorable and I love the pop of yellow in your cardigan (;


  5. Is gorgeous, I love the details and how you paired it with bright cardigan and black socks <3 I don't know why but I loved this outfit so much, you look like a doll but the black nails and socks toned down a bit the cuteness and is a perfect balance

    (sorry for being creepy haha)

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  6. Anonymous8/09/2014

    This is such a beautiful outfit. You give me so much inspiration for my own outfits.
    (Thanks I guess!!?)


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