May 31, 2012


Yesterday, I mentioned how bored I was with my hair... well, I decided to do a "explore new possibilities with hair accessories" challenge. This morning, I cut a strip of leftover fabric to make a retro scarf and this afternoon, I made a pretty crown with tiny white faux flowers. I also found my old scrunchies and some little bows in my junk drawer. I almost always wear my hair down and never wear any add-ons, so I'm excited to try some new looks!

My polka-dot hair scarf inspired me to dress in a Rosie the Riveter outfit. I couldn't find my favourite jeans (you know, I have two sisters...), so I grabbed the pants I usually wear when I work at the restaurant. I picked a white blouse and I was ready to go, but it was so chilly outside that I really needed a cover-up, so I reached for a classic denim button-down. My cat-eye sunglasses looked like the perfect finishing touch, so I put them on even if if was not that sunny :)

Headband: DIY (fabric scrap from a vintage dress) / Blouse: H&M / Shirt: Divided
Pants: part of my barista uniform / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

 The Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca-Cola


  1. I love this sooo much. It reminds me of grease. I really love your blog and was wondering if you could check out mines.

  2. You look absolutely adorable <3 love the close up with the cat eye's sunglasses <3 I get bored of my hair too but I can't pull off props so meh! But yours is gorgeous!


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