June 15, 2012

the name of the game is lightworks

For those who were wondering what's hidden under the white tarpaulin, which appears on my last outfit pictures... I uncovered the mystery this morning: it's an old snow blower. It was annoying me and I tried to move it to another spot, but it was way too heavy to move and there was a strong gas smell coming out from under the tarpaulin. I didn't want to pick another spot to take my outfit pictures, so I simply exchanged places with my camera. I was more visible to my curious neighbours, but at least I'm not standing in front of a mystery white mass. Ha!

This is an outfit I wore a lot last winter (with tights, of course!). I like loose, flowy, slightly oversized clothes, so this swingy pastel kimono really strikes my fancy. It looks great with my lace dress! The subtle mix of patterns and textures is lovely :)
Dress + kimono: H&M // Necklace: Ardène // Moccasins: American Eagle

Raymond Scott - Lightworks

Yup, 60's music. Raymond Scott was very ahead of his time!


  1. Oh that dress is so cute <3 and I like this spot better, don't know if is digital but the lightning effect is gorgeous <3

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I got a little help from my good ol' Photoshop to get the lighting spots... The sun was coming from the opposite direction, I had to cheat :)

  2. That lace dress is lovely!



  3. i have the jacket version of that patterned cardigan and so it's neat to see how you've styled it! it looks FANTASTIC with that dress!

    dash dot dotty


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