July 28, 2012

An outfit for... eating watermelon caviar!

Last night, I went out to dinner with Gab's family and guess where we ate? At the restaurant where Gab and I work! For once, it was nice to be the ones sitting comfortably and enjoying the food. I got some salmon tartar, chicken fajitas and raspberry nems, which were delicious. Our waitress (well, my coworker!) also gave me a small cup of watermelon caviar, which is really the best sweet treat ever. It looks like tiny jelly bubbles with fruit juice inside, just like that. It has a very bizarre texture, but it's very tasty. I learned that watermelon caviar is molecular gastronomy, which really intrigued me. I did a little bit of research this morning and I discovered that it is possible to make chocolate caviar as well! Awesome, no?

Now, the outfit! Since I had a very bright manicure (totally stolen from fashion blogger Atlantic-Pacific), I kept things simple with my black and white peter pan collar dress and some matching earrings. I like how it looks polished, but not like I'm trying too hard ;)

Dress: Vero Moda / Earrings: Aldo / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

 The Great Society - Love You Girl


  1. pretty much in love with every part of this dress!! So cute!!


  2. This is such a cute dress. Watermelon caviar sounds so interesting! Although chocolate caviar sounds even more interesting, I must admit!



  3. Ahh, that peter pan dress is absolutely adorable!! I love anything with that collar, and yours is particularly cute in simple black and white. ^^
    And mmm, I love those watermelon caviar! Though I always knew of them as watermelon pop boba, since they're like bubbles that pop in your mouth. XD
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  4. I love your dress :)

  5. wow! chocolate caviar? that looks wild! it seems so fancy. i love your dress too <3

  6. Watermelon caviar sounds rather intriguing, haha. I love what you wore, you look lovely :)


  7. i absolutely LOVE your vintage style and i want to steal your whole closet. newest follower :))

  8. You are so adorable and I love this dress! It's so sweet and frilly. Also, watermelon caviar sounds amaaaazing. So does chocolate caviar. A fro-yo place near my house has them as a topping but they've never had watermelon or chocolate! Those are two of my favourite things... ):

  9. I love your Peter Pan collar, I wish I could pull off that look!
    You have a lovely blog, check out mine?

  10. You look absolutely adorable, but at this point I think you could throw on a black big bag and you'd still look adorable haha, the nails <3 and now I really wanna try watermelon caviar

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  11. The dress is adorable, love it!

  12. I seriously want to get my nails done like that now- it looks so pretty! Would you be interested in being featured on my blog? I'd be looking to post it in July. Shoot me an email if you think so-simplicityphoto96@gmail.com


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