July 13, 2012

Life Lately // Webcam Edition!

So... I'm back on the blog after being MIA for almost a week. Gab and I spent two days at his grandparents' chalet, which is located neat the famous Lac-Saint-Jean. Our phones were not working and we did not have access to the Internet, so nobody could reach us (ahhhh!). We really enjoyed those two days of peace and quiet! We ate tons of tourtière and blueberry pie, drove a four-wheeler in the woods and chilled out on his grandpa's pontoon boat. We really wanted to stay there for a few more days, but we had to head back to Quebec because of our jobs. I spend the last three days at work (in my all-black waitress uniform) and I was getting very exhausted, but...

... I got a surprise day off today!

... but it's just because I got a mild heat stroke from my three days of waiting tables outside. It's currently super sunny and the temperature reached 35°C, so the only things I can do are laying on my bed and chugging water. Epic fail...

At least I have a new friend to keep me company: an instant camera! I've wanted one for so long, I screamed when I saw the box waiting for me on my desk! Now I must be careful not to waste too much film...

I've been looking for some fun composition and subject ideas, so I picked up this little book I bought at Urban Outfitters last summer. I've never found the time to read every page until today! It's full of great advice and creative ideas for personal photography projects.

The author says he has a slight obsession with full English breakfast and every time he has one, he takes a picture of it: "I have built up a nice collection now". I've never though of building a collection of photos based of the same theme and composition, but now it sounds like a totally awesome idea!

Especially when some eggs and bacon are involved!

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  1. Haha looks like the heat has driven you a little crazy! Hope you feel better soon.




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