July 7, 2012


I've already posted a picture on the blog's Facebook page, but let me introduce you Mr. Toulouse. Toulouse was a stray 1-year-old shih-poo dog that a shelter rescued from euthanasia. I adopted him last week and named him after French illustrator and painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, whose work I really admire. We instantly became best friends!

It makes me so sad to know that he would have been put down if the lady at the shelter hadn't found him in time... He's such a gentle, smart dog who's so full of life! If you're thinking about welcoming a little furry friend into your family, please consider adopting one from a shelter. Those dogs and cats have so much love to give and they're just waiting for a caring family to love them in return. Toulouse can't talk, but when he gives me this look, I feel like he's thanking me for offering him a new life (cheesy but true!)... 

On a side note - this little baby has been enjoying this very fashionable accessory... He had to be neutered, so he'll be wearing a cone of shame for the next 7 days. I took this picture when the cone was still new to him, but he's a very easy dog and he got used to it. My other dog Billy kept sniffing it and he looked like he was laughing at poor Toulouse! He's taking his big brother role very seriously... Ha!

EDIT: For people living in Quebec City - I adopted Toulouse at Refuge ALSA. The owner is very nice and takes good care of the animals she rescues. ALSA is mostly a rabbit shelter, but there are also dogs and cats waiting for a loving family.


  1. Your dog is overly cutee >.< I have a dog too, she's huuuuge! Isn't it funny how puppies can turn out to be your best friends? I really can't stand how some people are capable of abandoning them :s

  2. Love your dog, it is really cute!
    And woah, the template of your blog is overly nice ;)

  3. Anonymous7/09/2012

    sais tu quelle race il est ce chien :)

    1. On nous a dit que c'est un caniche croisé avec un shih tzu. Il n'a pas hérité du visage plat du shih tzu, c'est rare!

  4. Aw...he looks so sweet!
    I definitely agree about adopting pets that are in need of a good home.
    One of my cats was found abandoned, my other cat was rescued by some friends of mine (she and her litter were left at a park) then I adopted her from them, and our dog was dumped out in the country and taken in by a friend of my Dad's and later adopted by us. After being away this weekend I'm glad to be back with my little critters.

    Glad you're enjoying your sweet new puppy! =)

  5. Sweet pup.... I mean, just look at those ears. Awwws.

    I love that he's a rescue pup. So many sweet animals need loving homes and he's very lucky to have found yours. :)


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