July 6, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine // Pink Friday

My weekly Trucs chouettes de la semaine posts are back with an all-pink edition! Here's what caught my eye this past week...

1. I am in love with this fluffy pink pleated organza dress and mirrored visor from Alexander McQueen's Fall 2012 collection. Both pieces are polar opposites, but I am very inspired by the cold, hard visor and the fluffy, romantic and borderline silly dress. For some reason, I think the futuristic lady below could have made a great character for Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle films. In a good way!

2. In her latest outfit post, Megan from The Briar Rose hid her signature red locks under a light pink wig. This sugary shade looks so beautiful against her fair skin. I wish I could dye my hair this color! Okay, I would need 10 years worth of hair bleach, but I would love to style my hair into a huge cotton-candy coloured beehive :)

3. These cute jelly shoes from were featured in my "shoe-palooza" post back in March and I told you they would most likely get marked down. They're now 13,99 $ (original price was 40 $) and I'm totally getting a pair!
4. This sleek and colourful design by Archie McLeish has caught my eye.

5. I am totally craving those berry-lime-coconut yogurt ice pops from Desserts for Breakfast.

6. How cute is this handmade leather card holder from Taking Bag Sunday?

7. Like this sharp-dressed dandy on the cover of Daniele Tamagni's book Gentlemen of Bacongo, real men are not afraid of wearing pink.

What inspired you this week?


  1. I love, love, love those jelly shoes! The fluffy dress is amazing too. It's like wearable candy floss!!



  2. Oh those jelly shoes look awesome! Cant wait to see how you style them :) And my mouth is totally watering from those ice pops :)



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