July 20, 2012

Ukulele Lady

I was super excited when Sugarlips Apparel kindly offered me this bright yellow dress! It has a very simple, almost basic cut, but every little detail is so me: the hue (you guys know how much I'm obsessed with the colour yellow), the retro neckline, the pockets (!!!), the triangular back opening (!!!!!!!!)... Pretty and practical? Sign me in! I spent a week trying to find the most perfect way to style it. At first, I was considering a honeybee-themed outfit, but I finally chose keep the outfit simple and to pair my new dress with crisp white accessories and mint-coloured nails. Summer is not over, after all! ;)

In other news... I cut my bangs super-short today. Well, they're not that short, but they're about an inch shorter than usual, which is huge for me. I was wearing my pinup swimsuit this morning and started longing for a shorter, fifties-inspired fringe. Then I just cut it. It's a subtle change, but it gives an edgier feel to my signature big bangs. A friend once told my that I *kind of* looked like Rooney Mara, so I used her bangs as my guide for this spontaneous haircut :)

I don't know if I'm going to grow them back to their usual length or cut them even shorter. Besides "I will work my butt off" and "I will become an totally awesome graphic design renegade", my back-to-school manifesto includes "I will let my hair grow down to my waist", so I have a feeling that my bangs will soon become the victim of my hair cutting rages!

Headpiece: DIY // Belt: Dollarama // Sandals: Kimchi Blue

Arlo Guthrie - Ukulele Lady

My current favourite song!


  1. This dress is so cute! I absolutely love how it shows off a little hint of your tattoo.



  2. That dress is so colorful and bright - like sunshine! Truly awesome.
    And ah, your bangs look so good on you, and if you're going for a Rooney Mara-esque bangs, then I'm sure it'll look amazing. ^^
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  3. Yellow ftw! My favorite color too. <3

    I love your dress & your new bangs!

  4. Just found your blog off Pinterest. LOVE it:)


  5. I love your outfit a lot! It's really sweet on you!

  6. I love it when you wear you're signature yellow! Also, I reckon you really suit the shorter fringe, you can see your lovely eyes more :)


  7. These photographs are beautifully charming, yellow is definitely your colour!

  8. omg ♥♥♥ u are so beautiful for being real! these dress! the photos! everything!


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