August 26, 2012

Life Lately // Projects Edition!

I just finished my first week of the semester and I'm already overwhelmed with projects and assignments. It's fun, though. I feel quite lucky to have so many opportunities to be creative on a daily basis. Here are some recent and future projects...

1. Learning Flash CS6. My very first animation features canyons, desert and a RV (but it's still in progress!).

2. Taking pictures of my youngest sister dressed as a hippie.

3. Biting the bullet and finally getting my bee tattoo.

4. Making class money for my friend Marc-André, who's an elementary school teacher.

"Mr Marc-André's class / Great effort at work!"

5. Drafting some quick concepts for speed assignments (here, some pins for professors to wear in order to be recognized by the freshmen).
"Hey! How can I help you"
"Lost? Don't panic, follow the guide!"
"Hello! Welcome to college! Let's visit!"

What have you been working on lately?

August 18, 2012

You've Got A Friend In Me

I wanted to do this with water guns, but I couldn't find our old ones!

Today was my very last day of vacation! I spent it designing stuff and reading books at home, which was very relaxing and pleasant. School starts on Monday. I received my class schedule for this semester and it's the first time I am happy with it. Each week, I have 6 hours of Multimedia, 15 hours of Design and Production, 3 hours of Illustration, 3 hours of Photography and 3 hours of Advanced English. Not bad, uh? I am especially excited for the Multimedia course! My super cool illustration professor from last semester will be teaching this class. Before meeting her, I absolutely loathed illustrating stuff... and now I like it! I am crazy about multimedia and webdesign, so imagine how much I will enjoy her course! :)

Now, let's forget school for a moment... Today (and yesterday, too!), I wore the most perfect dress in the whole universe. I first noticed it on Modcloth about a year ago and but it was 80.00$ minus the shipping and scary duty fees, so I sadly passed on it. However, a lovely blogger recently put it for sale in her closet shop and I immediately snagged it! It was 30.00$, which was way more wallet-friendly. I have a thousand ideas of outfits featuring this dress. I like how it's looks both kitschy and ladylike at the same time. This piece is begging to be remixed again and again! It's a little love story to be continued! ;)

These cowboy boots were gathering dust in my closet and I was planning on donating them to a charity shop, but I might keep them. When I recently attended the Great Lake Swimmers gig, the violinist/female vocalist was wearing some and she looked super cute and not cowboy-y at all. Now I see such boots as a fun style challenge that I want to take.

Oh, and look! I even customized them with a fun surprise scribbling on the right sole...
Dress: Modcloth via Delightfully Tacky // Scarf: thrifted // Boots: thrifted + DIY

Randy Newman - You've Got A Friend In Me

Wait, that was 17 years ago? How did I grew up so fast?

DIY // Sheriff Woody Boots

Being a 90's kid, I grew up with Toy Story. My brother and I were crazy-obsessed with this movie. We had Woody and Buzz Lightyear plush toys, some miniature plastic ones, reversible Toy Story comforters, little plastic green aliens, a bunch of tiny toy soldiers, the classic Fisher Price cassette recorder/player just like the one in the movie... O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. 

A while ago, I was feeling pretty nostalgic and decided to write "Andy" on the soles of all my pairs of boots. Sweet idea, eh?

This quick DIY project is perfect for your kids, costume parties or just to make people smile with a whimsical surprise under your shoes :) Make sure you write Andy's name under your right boot, just like Woody's!

You're never too old for this kind of little things!

Stills from Disney Pixar's Toy Story movies

August 17, 2012

On The Road // Little Homes

Hello hello! I'm back from a little vacation with a ton of pictures. Here is a first series: Little Homes. These pictures were taken at the Wild Zoo of Saint-Félicien. There were some unoccupied log houses and teepees that looked so dreamy that I started building a small collection of them. Growing up, I watched Little House on the Prairie a lot, so it kind of shape my idea of a dream home. I would rather live in a tiny rustic place that's full of love than a big home with luxury velvet curtains, expensive china porcelain and Paris imports (I'm looking at you, Nellie Oleson!). I would decorate my log cabin in a 70's style with plaid stuff in bizarre organic palettes and tacky pillows in autumn-coloured flower patterns. I would become a barbecue master chef and throw garden forest parties for all my reindeer friends and we would live happily ever after in the woods of awesomeness and total freedom. Okay, enough with all the rambling, here are the pictures!

Some reindeer friends nearby the teepees and pioneer tents!

Can I move in, please?

August 13, 2012

rock rock rockaway beach

Lovely readers, I am leaving you, but not for long! I'm visiting Gab's grandparents for the week and I'll be back soon with pictures and outfits to show you. Have a nice week :)

August 11, 2012

Daily Designs

I spent the whole day designing stuff and I though it would be nice to show you what I worked on! Here we go...

1. I quickly designed this cute album cover picture for my Facebook garage sale. Neat and simple! I love the little pinup :)

Noémie presents... the big tidy up (and is feeling a bit silly for creating this logo)

2. A volunteer project I did for a friend. He works at an ice cream parlor and he wanted some fun vintage-inspired designs for the parlor's Facebook page. This one presents the staff. I went over-the-top with a different font for each employee. I think it gives personality to this minimalist design! 

The 2012 Team

3. Okay, so this one is client work, therefore I won't show you details (just in case!). I am reworking a local fashion designer's logo (originally designed by another person, years ago), but I don't want to reveal the new tweaks. See all the different versions? We tried so many colour combos! She and I are perfectionists, so we take a long time making minor adjustments to find the best possible solution. We're getting closer to The One! :) After that, I will be working on ads and pamphlets for her fall fashion show (eek! <3).

August 10, 2012

Baby, It's You

It's finally getting a little bit colder outside and I am happy camper! It was very windy today, so I was able to wear longer sleeves and thicker materials. I picked up this cute peplum top at Simons the other day and I was super excited to style it. Peplum is new to me! For my first time wearing this fresh trend, I paired it with some of my old favourites. I took advantage of the weather to wear one of my beloved pairs of tights (hello tights! long time no see!) and I also added a hat, but I have to admit that it was just a prop for the pictures. I spend the whole day inside, so there was no need for a hat. Hehe

I did nothing special today... I simply enjoyed some downtime at home. I had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for breakfast, did a few sketches for a client and watched Thelma & Louise. I must say that I was really envious of Louise's 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. I love vintage muscle cars and my eyes got all big and sparkly every single time the blue Thunderbird appeared onscreen! I searched on LesPAC (a Craiglist-like website) for a vintage blue Thunderbird and the only one I found was 52 000 $. Fantasy = crushed. Ha! But look at this baby (and hear it roar here). I also found this green one from 1978, but I believe it would consume way to much gas for my tiny budget. I must save money for my dream RV, remember? ;) If I do get a car in a near future, I will get a cheap and economical one that I can resell easily, not a mighty retro baby that I won't want to get rid of. What is your dream car?

Top + tights: Simons / Skirt + pin: vintage / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy / Hat: H&M

Smith - Baby, It's You

August 9, 2012

Adventures In Your Own Backyard

Hello there! My last outfit post was like, more than two weeks ago? Shame! I spent half of this time in my waitress uniform and the other half in pyjamas (double shame!). I accepted so many freelancing projects at once (yay!) and worked 40+ hours per week at my job (booh!), so I got very little free time in the past few weeks. I am a notorious procrastinator, but I am very impressed by my recent workaholic behaviour! I'm not very fond of being a waitress (gosh, I won't tell you about the group of impolite/rude/ just plain hellish customers I served last weekend!), but I am completely in love with graphic design. I graduate in May and knowing that my dream job is not out of reach anymore is very motivating! Designing just doesn't feel like work. Each project is an exciting new adventure and I love the whole creative process. Plus, making a client happy with an awesome design is the best thing ever!

My mother (hey! I know you're reading this! I love you anyway!) always told me that I had the potential to become a doctor and she always pushed me to take some advanced math and science classes, hoping I would change my mind about my career choice (graphic design = my childhood dream!). She kept telling me that graphic designers had very low salaries compared to some other jobs I would be able to reach with a little more effort and blah blah blah, but what's the point of doing something you really don't enjoy just for the sake of money? I don't want a job to make tons of cash (good for me if I do make big bucks), I want a job that will fulfill my desire to create stuff, help me pay the rent/eat/take warm showers and *eventually* allow me to be my own boss as a freelancer.

I keep annoying my friends about the old RV I dream of buying and turning into a mobile design studio. I would love to live on the road for a few months, driving to Arizona, visiting places and designing pretty stuff along the way. This is a very romantic idea, but I think it's very doable. This dream is completely crazy to my left-brained mom: why would a girl give up financial security to live in a trailer and never wake up at the same place? Because of this little something called wanderlust. I want to wander and live adventures before I get anchored by a bunch of little children. I don't want to get caught up in grown-up stuff before enjoying a bit of freedom! It's better to have a few of "I actually did it" than a ton of "I wish I did it". I believe our 20's are made for taking risks, so let's bite the bullet and live our dreams (and please remind me to do so if I ever forget). What are your dreams?

Some wise words from Disney's Pocahontas: "He wants me to be steady like the river, but it's not steady at all".

Dress: Envy Me (WTF?! Really?!) / Top: UK2LA / Belt: came with a pair of shorts / Bow: H&M
Shoes: F Troupe via Virginie's Cinema who got them via Selective Potential (lots of blogger's feet!)

Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard

NB: After almost 10 years of me blabbing about my graphic design stuff, my mom finally accepted my choice and now she's pretty supportive. Sadly, I can't say the same about my RV studio plans ;)
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