August 10, 2012

Baby, It's You

It's finally getting a little bit colder outside and I am happy camper! It was very windy today, so I was able to wear longer sleeves and thicker materials. I picked up this cute peplum top at Simons the other day and I was super excited to style it. Peplum is new to me! For my first time wearing this fresh trend, I paired it with some of my old favourites. I took advantage of the weather to wear one of my beloved pairs of tights (hello tights! long time no see!) and I also added a hat, but I have to admit that it was just a prop for the pictures. I spend the whole day inside, so there was no need for a hat. Hehe

I did nothing special today... I simply enjoyed some downtime at home. I had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for breakfast, did a few sketches for a client and watched Thelma & Louise. I must say that I was really envious of Louise's 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. I love vintage muscle cars and my eyes got all big and sparkly every single time the blue Thunderbird appeared onscreen! I searched on LesPAC (a Craiglist-like website) for a vintage blue Thunderbird and the only one I found was 52 000 $. Fantasy = crushed. Ha! But look at this baby (and hear it roar here). I also found this green one from 1978, but I believe it would consume way to much gas for my tiny budget. I must save money for my dream RV, remember? ;) If I do get a car in a near future, I will get a cheap and economical one that I can resell easily, not a mighty retro baby that I won't want to get rid of. What is your dream car?

Top + tights: Simons / Skirt + pin: vintage / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy / Hat: H&M

Smith - Baby, It's You


  1. Tights <3 love how peplum looks on you, you look so tall! <3 that sweater is so pretty and the mix of black, white, red and floral is perfect :)

  2. Hey! Love that outfit! I was wondering what you are wearing on your lips?

    1. I'm wearing a blend of NYC lipstick in "Retro Red" and red Nivea lip balm (the strawberry-flavoured one). Not very fancy, but the colour is amazing! Both products are available for about 1$ at most drugstores.

  3. So pretty! I love the picture of you mid - twirl!

  4. So cute. I love this picture. Thanks for sharing nice and beautiful post.


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