August 11, 2012

Daily Designs

I spent the whole day designing stuff and I though it would be nice to show you what I worked on! Here we go...

1. I quickly designed this cute album cover picture for my Facebook garage sale. Neat and simple! I love the little pinup :)

Noémie presents... the big tidy up (and is feeling a bit silly for creating this logo)

2. A volunteer project I did for a friend. He works at an ice cream parlor and he wanted some fun vintage-inspired designs for the parlor's Facebook page. This one presents the staff. I went over-the-top with a different font for each employee. I think it gives personality to this minimalist design! 

The 2012 Team

3. Okay, so this one is client work, therefore I won't show you details (just in case!). I am reworking a local fashion designer's logo (originally designed by another person, years ago), but I don't want to reveal the new tweaks. See all the different versions? We tried so many colour combos! She and I are perfectionists, so we take a long time making minor adjustments to find the best possible solution. We're getting closer to The One! :) After that, I will be working on ads and pamphlets for her fall fashion show (eek! <3).


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to translate the posters. I don't speak a word of French so it's great to know what they're saying!


  2. I love the ice-cream parlor poster! The different fonts is such a nice touch :)

  3. You do some lovely lovely design work! I love these few posters.
    Also - yay for Canadian bloggers! Loving your blog and your style!



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