August 17, 2012

On The Road // Little Homes

Hello hello! I'm back from a little vacation with a ton of pictures. Here is a first series: Little Homes. These pictures were taken at the Wild Zoo of Saint-Félicien. There were some unoccupied log houses and teepees that looked so dreamy that I started building a small collection of them. Growing up, I watched Little House on the Prairie a lot, so it kind of shape my idea of a dream home. I would rather live in a tiny rustic place that's full of love than a big home with luxury velvet curtains, expensive china porcelain and Paris imports (I'm looking at you, Nellie Oleson!). I would decorate my log cabin in a 70's style with plaid stuff in bizarre organic palettes and tacky pillows in autumn-coloured flower patterns. I would become a barbecue master chef and throw garden forest parties for all my reindeer friends and we would live happily ever after in the woods of awesomeness and total freedom. Okay, enough with all the rambling, here are the pictures!

Some reindeer friends nearby the teepees and pioneer tents!

Can I move in, please?


  1. Heathre8/18/2012

    Cute pictures!

  2. This is incredible! I love log cabins.

  3. Stunning pictures, really like them, the texture and colors are wonderful. I would love to spend some days in a place like that!


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