October 12, 2012


I just can't believe that fall break is almost over! College graduation is coming so fast... This was my last fall break, so I enjoyed every single minute of it. The past week was really fun and relaxing despite the bunch of schoolwork I had to do. I did a lot of freelance graphic design work for clients and spent 90% of my free time with my friend Guillaume. We did a lot of hiking, ate bizarre food (like bacon sugar pie!), thrifted a lot, spent time downtown and discovered new kinds of beer (he's a beer connoisseur so it's me who discovered some). I wish I could have one more free week to enjoy the last days of fall... In my hometown, it only lasts a few weeks. And it snowed last night, eek! I'm so glad I captured a tiny bit of my favourite season with my camera. Fall is the season I like best. The nature gets so beautiful... And it's the perfect weather to go on adventures in the woods!

A semi-illegal campfire.
Because it was a "private forest property".
We were not even aware of it and did not even get caught.
And breaking the law is fun.

My explorer's boots and trusty old Levi's jeans

Fire making 101
Twigs, branches and dry leaves

Collecting wood for the fire.
Birch burns better, so that's mostly what we used.

Adding rocks and more wood

Fallen leaves

The trees above us

Yay! It worked!
And did you know that moss is very effective to extinguish a campfire?
Mind. Blown.

The fire artist, ha! :)

How do you like to spend your breaks and days off?

October 7, 2012


Yay! An outfit post! This one almost never happened: it was pouring outside, but I went out anyway and it stopped raining. Looks like Mother Nature missed my blog and approved the idea of me doing an outfit post. Ha!

The dress and shoes are both new. My friend's workplace is located close to Urban Outfitters, so I wandered into the store a few times in the past two weeks. I kept seeing the shoes and the dress and liking them a lot, but I just kept calm and carried on... until they announced an extra -30% on sales items, so I finally cheated on my shopping ban and bought both. I'd been on this shopping ban for quite a long time and the last piece I remember buying (before this week) was this peplum top. Zero guilt hehe

Look, tiny squirrels all over the place! They're adorable...

Dress: Coincidence & Chance / Tights: Simons / Shoes: Cooperative / Headpiece: DIY

I titled this post "Amélie" because the colours of my outfit remind me of the movie, which is one of my all-time favourites. The music, the story, the unique characters, the pretty tones of the picture... Every time I feel down, I just sit down, watch Amélie and start feeling better. Perhaps it's because I'm a bit of an Amélie myself. What is your favourite feel-good movie?


Yann Tiersen - Les Jours tristes

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