October 12, 2012


I just can't believe that fall break is almost over! College graduation is coming so fast... This was my last fall break, so I enjoyed every single minute of it. The past week was really fun and relaxing despite the bunch of schoolwork I had to do. I did a lot of freelance graphic design work for clients and spent 90% of my free time with my friend Guillaume. We did a lot of hiking, ate bizarre food (like bacon sugar pie!), thrifted a lot, spent time downtown and discovered new kinds of beer (he's a beer connoisseur so it's me who discovered some). I wish I could have one more free week to enjoy the last days of fall... In my hometown, it only lasts a few weeks. And it snowed last night, eek! I'm so glad I captured a tiny bit of my favourite season with my camera. Fall is the season I like best. The nature gets so beautiful... And it's the perfect weather to go on adventures in the woods!

A semi-illegal campfire.
Because it was a "private forest property".
We were not even aware of it and did not even get caught.
And breaking the law is fun.

My explorer's boots and trusty old Levi's jeans

Fire making 101
Twigs, branches and dry leaves

Collecting wood for the fire.
Birch burns better, so that's mostly what we used.

Adding rocks and more wood

Fallen leaves

The trees above us

Yay! It worked!
And did you know that moss is very effective to extinguish a campfire?
Mind. Blown.

The fire artist, ha! :)

How do you like to spend your breaks and days off?


  1. this looks like a lot of fun! My bf and I like to go for walks and eat at our favorite neighborhood restaurants on our days off. Oh and sleep in! ♥ Meghan, The Flight of Fancy

  2. Very Fun! I love adventures like that!

  3. beautiful pictures, i love all the pretty leaves! where i live, the leaves don't really change sadly, so i never get to see them this colorful, they look so nice!! you two are funny, sounds like such a great time! i also love the design of your blog, its awesome!

  4. I love your boots !!! Your picture are amazing, the one with the leaf is beautiful !

  5. Salut Noémie!

    I used to live in Montreal for 3.5 years, now I'm in Copenhagen and already miss Canadian seasons!!! Here is more like one season/a year, moisture-rain-gray sky. But but but it gives a quite mysterious atmosphere sometimes.
    You really should visit Copenhagen in yours future travels, it's a gorgeous city, full of great fashion-design-craft inspiration. I'm sure you'll love it!
    By the way I love you blog ;0)


  6. thank you noemie, thank your for your amazing blog, every corner of it is filled with so much love and passion.
    your blog is the reasson i get over the cold, grey and rainy winter/autumn daays in germany.
    you and everything you post is so motivating, so lovely and youa re such a happy and friendly person,
    thank you for blogging!

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  7. Your photos are so beautiful <3

  8. These photographs are SO beautiful!


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