January 31, 2012

Wasn't Born To Follow

When you're exposing yourself on the Internet, you have to expect the occasional mean reaction. It's part of the game and you have absolutely no control over what people think of you or your clothes. Don't get me wrong: the great majority of my readers are kind, lovely and open-minded people. However, this morning, I came across a pretty rude comment about an outfit of mine. Well, I can't please everyone! I don't want to start a fight or anything, but I just want to make one thing clear: I run a personal style blog, not a fashion website that will show or tell you how to dress. I don't give advice, I provide inspiration. Here, I post outfits that reflect my very own tastes and, well, that's why I call it personal style. I'm one hundred percent aware that dressing this way is not for everyone and to be honest, I'm glad it's not. Imaging how boring it would be if we all dressed the same! I don't think many people would visit my blog if I dressed in ''typically fashionable'' stuff that I'm not comfortable in. I am authentic and if you don't like the way I dress, I'm pretty sure you'll find another blogger whose style will be more appealing to you. Or maybe you could start your own blog instead of complaining about other people's outfits?

Developing your own signature style requires much confidence to resist the pressure of trying to please everyone. Sometimes, I'll walk into a corridor and I'll get strange stares pointing directly towards my favourite yellow tights or I'll just go into the kitchen and my little brother will say: ''Mom, why is Noémie wearing such bizarre clothes?''. Or my mother will tell me that my furry vest if the ugliest thing in my whole tacky wardrobe. It's just small stuff, but sometimes it adds up and it makes me question the true meaning of ''style''.

Personally, I think that anything can be stylish. Literally, absolutely anything. You just need the confidence to pull it off. Most style bloggers have a very unique way of dressing, but they radiate confidence and they wear whatever pleases them, regardless of what other people may think. Be yourself, wear what feels right for you, pick only the trends you truly love and leave the rest to other people. Keep your mind open and dare to wear costume items, men's clothes, grandma's dresses, clown tights. Dress like a hippie on Monday and like a rockstar on Tuesday. Explore and don't let fashion rules limit you. Break them! Power to double denim, cuckoo-crazy print mixes and white after Labour day!

Dress: H&M (gift) // Vest: H&M (17$) // Belt: old from brothers
Tights: Simons (6$) // Boots: Zeria via Yellow (60$, best investment ever)

Here is a tiny sample of bloggers I admire. They all have a very unique take on personal style and even if I wouldn't see myself wearing every single of their looks, they're a great source of sartorial inspiration for me!

My all-time favourite: Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! I've been following her blog since 2008.
Being a Winnebago lover myself, I instantly related to her obsession with the legendary flying W. Awww!
An edgier lady (with the best hair ever!): Chaplinnn from Mini Penny
A true 70's girl: Julie from Orchid Grey
This girl is a true style chameleon. She's so daring! Bebe Zeva from Fated To Be Hated

January 30, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 10th edition

Thank you so much for your kind words! My back still hurting, but the pain is slowly going away. From now on, I'll be more careful with it! Hehe

If you're wondering what I wore today, I recreated this outfit I wore in December. A huge pro of having a personal style blog is having a growing archive of looks that you can refer to when you're sick and not in the mood of styling a whole new outfit. Yesterday, I was trying on some clothes and everything looked bad with my dark circles and runny red nose, so I just browsed through my blog archive and picked an outfit I knew I would feel comfortable and relaxed in! :) Yay for blogs!

This week's list starts with my new husband, Fisherman's Friend! We've been hanging out non-stop since Saturday and now I'm stuck in an addictive relationship! Haha! I really wish mine came into a cute tin can instead of a boring paper bag. Oh, well. We're in love for better or worse.
(Source: picture 1 - picture 2)

SQUEEEEEE! No words for this one! I'm pretty sure this engine is my motorized soul mate. 
Plus, it's my favourite shade of green!

This crisp white pencil holder is so adorable!
(via Anthropologie)

Mathilde Aubier is a graphic designer and illustrator from France who makes the best collages!
(via Mathilde Aubier)

I was browsing for inspiration for my current design project and I came across this very creative veggie sculpture by Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner. Wow!
(via Luxsure.fr)

I really like the pretty geometric pattern on Vanilla & Lace's Ella skirt.
(via Vanilla & Lace Shop)

Here's a super sweet manicure idea! You know how much I like peter pan collars... If I weren't so clumsy with nail polish, I would surely give it a try. Haha!

January 28, 2012

You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant (excepting Alice)

Want to know where I am right now? In my bed, doing pretty much nothing, since my poor ol' back blocked or something. I can barely bend at all and it's so painful. It hurts so much just walking around the house. I blame it on my heavy backpack. Theoretically, you're not supposed to carry a bag that's heavier than 10% of you weight. I'm barely 110 pounds, which means that my healthy maximum would be 11 pounds. On school days, my usual load can add up to nearly 25 pounds! Ouch. No wonder why I have all sorts of trouble with my back. I even developed a lordosis over the last few years (thanks to me PE teacher for making me notice). Oh, well. Enough with all the complaining. Let's just hope it stops hurting by tomorrow morning. I work a nine hours shift at the restaurant and I'll be standing up all day, frequently bending to reach down for wine, juice, milk and other stuff in the fridge. GAHHH I WANT A BACK RUB. Unfortunately, Gab isn't home now so I'll just rely on my good friend Myoflex. I'm only 19 and already an old lady with aching bones and muscles. Duh.

I'm glad I have a few outfits to show you while I'm chilling in my PJs and occasionally sneezing and coughing (hahaha it's clearly not my lucky day). Here's what I wore on hum... Wednesday? I had my first Multimedia class and it's probably the course I'm the most excited for. We'll learn the basics of web design! I really want to create my own little blog design company this summer and some pro tips will be more than useful for my project. As funny as it may sound, I can't wait to get my first assignment! Oh my. I can't believe that's me saying this. Haha. I'm definitely looking forward to my next class :)

Blouse: Zara (15$ // Skirt: H&M (35$) // Tights: Secret via Wal-Mart (3$)
Shoes: thrifted via Value Village (10$) // Earrings: Aldo (6$)

My current obsession is Arlo Guthrie's 1967 record Alice's Restaurant. The first track is a 18-minutes monologue titled Alice's Restaurant Massacree and it's just hilarious! If you enjoy this, I would recommend watching the movie version as well. Guthrie is brilliant!

Obie said he was going to put us in the cell. Said, "Kid, I'm going to put you in the cell, I want your
wallet and your belt." And I said, "Obie, I can understand you wanting my wallet so I don't have any money to spend in the cell, but what do you want my belt for?" And he said, "Kid, we don't want any hangings." I said, "Obie, did you think I was going to hang myself for littering?"

January 27, 2012

The Great Galloping Bison

There is a snowstorm outside, so I'm stuck at home and I can't make it to my illustration class. Most colleges are closed today, but mine is not part of them. Going from Lac-Beauport to Ste-Foy by bus takes about one hour when there's no traffic, but with the snow falling horizontally, I guess it would take wayyyyy longer. Beginning the session with 3 hours of absence is not the best plan in the universe, but I don't really have a choice... I'll work on other projects instead.

I had a design class yesterday and the first assignment is a logo for a fictive restaurant. We have to choose between a Tunisian one, a Malgasy one and an Arizonian one. I picked the Arizonian restaurant (called La Conquête de l'Ouest), mostly because I'm very interested in the Wild West (cowboys! sheriffs! saloons!), the Native Americans (Navajo! Apache!) and the bison (haha). I'm currently working on the research part of the design process. I've been reading this super interesting website about the archaeology of Arizona and by the time this project will be completed, I'll be a pro in all things from the American Southwest. I plan to take a southwestern roadtrip after graduation. I really want to see the slot canyons, visit Old Acoma and photography a lot of things. I want to take a year a few months off, get a RV and visit places. I really miss roatrips and staying in our RV (my parents sold it before they separated), so this adventure would be awesome! As you can see, my Southwest dreaming was the (subtle) inspiration for this outfit: Navajo print, leather skirt (remember the bison?), canyon-orange tights and sand-coloured cardigan. So conceptual :) I don't have a sheriff's badge, otherwise I would have proudly worn it! Haha!

Shirt: Upson Downes by William Anzevino (15$) // Cardigan: H&M (15$) // Earrings: H&M (7$)
Skirt: thrifted via Value Village (13$) // Tights: Simons (6$) // Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10$)

A galloping bison set to motion with photos by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904)

January 25, 2012

Flowers, wear them in your hair

I am wearing three bows. THREE. I used to loathe those. Five years ago, I would have never worn bows. NEVER. I thought that dressing in a girly way was completely ridiculous. If the 2007 Noémie could meet me, she would surely run away! I used to be a pseudo rocker in jeans, dirty Converse and Sex Pistols/Iggy Pop tees and I hated anything that looked too feminine or dainty. I had a bunch of guy friends and behaved like them: sarcasm, poker games, butt jokes (well, I still behave like a guy)... I already owned this flowery skirt back then, but it stayed in my drawer until I turned 16 and slowly started incorporating pencil skirts, retro flowers and vintage elements to my style (and pairing those with band tees!).

Besides bows, I've been very into Christmas colours lately. I'm trying to incorporate both red and green into my outfits without actually looking like I'm going to a holiday party! My trick is to pair those colours with other shades, like navy blue, brown or camel to break the dreaded ''permanent x-mas spirit'' vibe. It's way less obvious than when your whole outfit is green-red-white. See how the dark navy blue skirt weakens the Santa's elf factor? Haha!

Skirt: vintage, from my great-aunt (free!) // Top: H&M (17$) // Cardigan: Urban Outfitters (30$)
Tights: Simons (6$) // Hair bow: H&M (2$) // Shoes: thrifted via Value Village (10$)

The Licorice Schtick - Flowers, Flowers (1968)

January 24, 2012


1. Wake up and choose a romper + a dress. I picked my H&M romper (15$) and a Seductions dress (5$).

2. Put on tights (Dollarama, 1$) and romper.

3. Fold the top of the dress to make a skirt. Put it on top of the romper.

4. Tie a sash (this one came with a H&M dress) at the waist and make a big bow. Voilà! Your new dress is ready. How lovely! :)

I am very (very very very) excited to announce that I am now part of Ton Petit Look's regular collaborators. I can't believe I am now part of this team of fashionable ladies! I've been a huge fan of TPL for quite a long time and I never (never never never) though I would actually be part of it! Every Tuesday, my column Calcul Intégral (Integral Calculus) will showcase a chiconomic look I put together with inexpensive clothing and accessories. See you there!

To conclude this post on a musical note, here's my favourite integral calculus song.

Évariste - Connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral? (1967)

January 23, 2012

Wearing a hat & faking a dance

First day of school. I already received my first design assignment: we're making flyers to promote fruits and veggies to kids and their parents. We have to make a character out of fruits or veggies and use it as the main photo of our design. I'm a bit stressed out, since I'm zero inspired by this project (for now). I need to get the creative juice (haha! pun totally intended!) flowing. I guess I'll spend a few hours of my free time looking at pictures of food in order to feed my brain! (okay, last pun, I promise!)

For today's outfit, I went for simplicity: my ivory blouse plus red pants. No frills. Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you always end up wearing when you're in a mini style rut? For me, it's this blouse. It's probably my favourite and most trusty item of clothing: it even survived a Duchess Says gig where the frontwoman threw grenadine on the crowd. I was right in front of the stage (obviously I got some in my hair and on my clothes) and you know what? All the bright red gunk disappeared without a trace. It's a magic shirt, I tell you. Haha. I'll never give it away! It's too cute, I can style it in a millions different ways and I know I will feel good wearing it. Plus, it has this sweet peter pan collar and scalloped sleeves that I adore :)

Blouse: Coincidence & Chance (30$)  // Pants: H&M (15$)
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10$) // Earrings: Aldo (6$)

January 21, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 9th edition

I like this fresh font from Australian designer Cameron Sweeney. It's available in a variety of weights (Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold), plus it's free. I'm especially fond of the y's shape! Very stylish.
(via RipeType)

The temperatures in Québec keep getting lower and lower, but I'm already dreaming of summer. I came across this sweet outfit picture and my mind instantly filled itself with high waisted shorts and flowy lacy tops. Oh, and tiny pastel bags, too!
(via ASOS)

Some playful V-day cards from illustrator AmyMarcella. 
Simplicity and vivid colours make them incredibly stylish.
(via Etsy)

I have a confession: the English version of Chatelaine is one of my favourite monthly reads. The February issue is packed with awesome home decorating tips and the most mouth-watering recipes (scallops! lobster pasta! guilt-free brownies!). My pick? This quick and easy lemon curd.
(via Chatelaine)

A great DIY idea: use a leftover tangerine peel to make fragrant candles.
(via Honestly WTF)

An happy lady taking a stroll in Chicago, all bundled up in a stylish Pendleton poncho.
How cute is she?
(via R29 Street Style)

This is Wouter de Backer. Also known as Gotye. He's handsome. He has curly hair. He's wearing a hat. And staring at you in a terribly seductive way. He's currently #3 on iTunes. THIS MAKES ME FREAKIN' HAPPY. I've been addicted to his music for months. Now I'll hear it on the radio and sing along and be merry. FINALLY I'LL ENJOY LISTENING TO THE RADIO. Bref, c'est jouissif.
(photo via Gotye's website)
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