January 10, 2013

My 2013 Bucket List!

I though it would be fun to share our goals for the New Year! Here's a small selection of things I want to do in 2013. This is my first written bucket list ever - hopefully it will help me keep track of my hopes and dreams for the next 12 months :)

1. Get my bee tattoo touched up
2. Finish my driving classes and hopefully get my driver's license
3. Redesign my blog
4. Go to the dentist (ha!)
5. Take Italian classes
6. Graduate college
7. Exercise regularly.
8. Discover local artists
9. Start planning my Route 66 road trip!
10. Go to a remote place to observe the Perseids
11. Bike everywhere
12. Set time aside to read books
13. Perfect my photography skills
14. Start a little business, maybe?
15. Learn how to drive a shift stick
16. Go to Montreal regularly
17. Find recipes to fulfill my goat cheese addiction
18. Discover a fun TV series to enjoy after work
19. Move out and get my own place
20. Drive to Old Orchard Beach and pig out at Bill's Pizza
21. Thrift more often
22. Design prints and posters just for fun
23. Organize/clean up my files
24. Watch silent movies
25. Visit a lighthouse
26. Be a redhead again, maybe?
27. Learn how to play the ukulele
28. Make monthly mixtapes like I did in high school
29. Get reasonable amounts of sleep
30. Blog regularly :)

What do you want to do in 2013?


  1. Oh god, I should do one of those!
    I start off the year with so many projects and always forget to write them down! I will keep you posted when mine comes out :)


  2. Ohh great plans! I hope you'll do most of it :)x

  3. This is what you inspired me! xx


  4. I love your ideas! These were mine:


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