February 7, 2013

Design :: Côté Sauvage

Today I'm showing you my favourite design project from last term! It's a collection of three packages for a fictious brand of local products. I went for a colorful retro look. I had so much fun playing with typography and patterns. I'm super proud of how it turned out. I especially like the bottle, which contains blackberry syrup. The bag is full of fancy chocolates and the box contains little berry cookies. Yum!

I also made a complementary recipe card: sweet blackberry-maple crumble.

This was my moodboard for this project.

Have you worked on something fun lately? Share it below!


  1. Ohhh I like it! I remember doing that project as well when I was studying graphic design ! It was my favorite as well ! You are very talented, dear :)



  2. Really, really like your work on these !
    GG, I'd totally buy them ;)


  3. Hey.. I love your work, and your blog! :)
    Lately I have thought about making a blog, but I i know ZERO about coding and honestly I find the templates on fx Wordpress rather ordinary and common. But I love your blogdesign, so my question is, are you a totally coding nerd (no offence) or do you have some tips for designing a personalized blog without coding? :)


    1. Ha! I'm by no means a coding nerd, but I did spend a few hours tweaking the HTML. I am using Blogger, which is very easy to customize. I have never designed anything on Wordpress, though. I think the most important thing is to design a header (that's what I did first). Make a really cool one, since it's the first thing people will see when they visit your blog. Then you can add a background that matches the style of your header and change the color scheme of the links and texts. With just the background, header and minor color changes, your blog will look way more personal than the original template (and you can change these without even coding, which is super awesome). You can add all the "pluses" along the way: a little bio, a photo, some social media icons... I added these as I got more comfortable with HTML. Hope it helps :)

  4. I just discovered your blog . What an inspiring and wonderful blog. I really love your design and typography :) They are amazing...Please visit my blog back <3 www.theonlymichellechen.blogspot.com. I am also a youtube singer. Nice to meet you Noémie :)


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