February 10, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been pretty good lately! Here is a little selection of things that make me happy these days...

1. Feeding my Route 66 dream. So little time, so many road trips to do!

2. Hanging out with Gab

3. Pretty new shoes and the thought of wearing them as soon as the snow will be gone <3

4. My very last college semester + some funs projects + lunchtime with friends (that's May and Cath on the photo).

5. Maple fudge candles! Need I say more?

What made you happy lately?

February 7, 2013

Design :: Côté Sauvage

Today I'm showing you my favourite design project from last term! It's a collection of three packages for a fictious brand of local products. I went for a colorful retro look. I had so much fun playing with typography and patterns. I'm super proud of how it turned out. I especially like the bottle, which contains blackberry syrup. The bag is full of fancy chocolates and the box contains little berry cookies. Yum!

I also made a complementary recipe card: sweet blackberry-maple crumble.

This was my moodboard for this project.

Have you worked on something fun lately? Share it below!

February 6, 2013

The Long Black Veil

I wore this outfit a while ago. It was freezing outside, but I wanted good lighting so I just grabbed my camera and quickly snapped a few pictures. Since I don't take as much outfit shots as I used to, I feel a bit awkward at posing. The strong, cold wind made me even clumsier and I kept fussing with my hair. Ha! 

Speaking of hair... I am now facing the dilemma of  1) cutting my bangs VS growing them out and 2) keeping my hair black VS going back to red. Ah, girl problems! One thing is sure: I'm not giving myself a makeover this week. I've been sick for three days now. Billy and Toulouse really seem to be enjoying it. They get to cuddle with their human all day long. Lucky little guys... I hope I'll get well soon, though. School assignments keep piling up and I'm starting to stress a bit. My hair will have to wait!

Shirt: Sirens / Sweater + skirt: thrifted / Boots: Arturo Chiang / Bow: Simons 

Oh, and I have a new camera strap. And some bright pink lipstick. Squee! <3

Johnny Cash - The Long Black Veil

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