April 24, 2014

This Is The Day

Here are a few self-portraits I took in my apartment, featuring my absolute favourite vintage dress. I love wearing clothes that possess a unique vibe and a bit of history! This dress has the loveliest ethereal shape and some delightful crochet details. However, it is super fragile so it's more of a collection piece that I save for special occasions. It has more than 40 years of existence, after all. I must take great care of it!

Side note: I'm obsessed with shooting RAW and editing my pictures in Adobe Lightroom. Taking outfit photos inside my apartment is pretty hard since the lighting is quite poor, but I can fix it in Lightroom without destroying the originals. I like how these photos turned out, especially the rainbow sorbet colours of my dress! Just one thing: I should have smiled. Hehe.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

Dress: Boat People Vintage • Earrings: Aldo

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  1. Love this- so pretty! Alex


  2. What a cool vintage piece! Also, the color of your walls is an absolute dream! <3

  3. LOOOOOVE the dress :) & so glad you still have that glitter banner up :)


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