May 23, 2014

Candid Thoughts On Blogging


Snapping these first "real" outfit pictures in almost a year was fun! I visited my favorite semi-abandoned backyard and everything went perfectly. I used to fear the possibility of someone catching me doing faces and fashion-y poses alone in my corner, but now I am way more relaxed about it. No more paranoia! 

Here's a confession: my timidity almost made me quit style blogging altogether. I was insecure about how people would perceive me if they found out I had a blog with 1) all kinds of personal thoughts and 2) so many pictures of myself. I got teased a bit about this whole fashion thing by family and friends and it made me doubt if style blogging was something acceptable to do. And you know what? It is.

I had a few job interviews over the last months and every single interviewer asked me why my blog was now inactive. They liked how I had merged some of my biggest passions into one entity. Fashion, writing, photography, design... this blog of mine offered me a chance to do all of this. So why abandon it like I did? Sure, I had a busy year, but I had quit blogging because of insecurity and shyness. I've always had a bit of a I-don't-care-what-you-think attitude, but this time, I had let other people make me doubt of something I was passionate about. And I was too proud to admit it - even my lovely boyfriend asked me why I wouldn't blog anymore and I kept denying. I had stopped writing, taking pictures, making playlists for the blog, designing little graphics, thinking about DIY projects... and I was wondering why I was so miserable. This blog was my playground, a little world I had built for myself to share inspiration and I had stopped visiting it.


I think now is a good time to claim back this playground. The blogging scene has changed a whole lot in the past year(s), but I know who I am and what I like. I do not blog for likes, recognition or a seat at local events. I blog for passion and solace. This blog was created by a suburban 17-year-old who had just gotten into design school, was experimenting with personal style and obsessing with street style photography. Sure, I have evolved, but this 17-year-old was building something without even knowing. She had stars in her eyes, big dreams for her future and had fun sharing all of these.

I blog to keep that spark alive. 





O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

Top by H&M • Skirt by UK2LA via Stitches • Socks by Ardène
Vintage shoes via Comptoir Emmaüs • Old floral headband from unknown source

Beta Frontiers • So Cold


  1. Ohh, tu es vraiment très mignonne dans ce look! <3 J'adore tout! Et j'adore vraiment ton roux! Ça me donne encore plus envie de passer le cap aussi! ^^

  2. je comprends exactement comment tu te sens. jusqu'à un certain, on finit par avoir honte d'écrire, de peur d'avoir l'air egocentrique. pourtant, c'est l'envie de partager qui nous allume, de rencontrer des gens avec les mêmes intérêts, pas necessairement la reconnaissance et la célébrité. continue ce que tu fais si bien, après, que ce soit tous les jours ou aux 3 mois, tu es tout de même toujours aussi intéressante. fais-le pour toi et have fun.

  3. «I blog to keep that spark alive.»
    I smiled when I read those words. You and I are so much alike, you have no idea!

    PS. Ta jupe est MA-LA-DE. Belle madame :)

  4. I discovered your blog by chance recently, and I'm happy to see you will continue to blog :)

  5. It's one of the worse feelings to not do something we enjoy because others make us feel like we shouldn't. Good for you for getting back out there (and on here!). I can't wait to see more from your blog.


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