May 26, 2014

The New Girl


Today, I started a new gig as a freelance designer for a toy store. It went great! My coworkers were super welcoming and I had lots of different projects to work on, which kept me wide awake and made the day pass too quickly. It was so refreshing to do what I love and actually get paid for it (aka what should pretty much be the initial concept of work).

Since graduating college a little over a year ago (eek! time flies!), I have split my time between freelancing for a month or two doing, then doing random minimum wage jobs and going back to freelancing. Sometimes, it can be quite demotivating not to be able to do design full-time! It's a classic case of "I have spent [insert number here] years of my life studying design and photography - not [insert random  side-job chore I loathe]". But hey! I am young and freelancing offers me the opportunity to figure out what type of office (or non-office) is best for me. So far, I have worked in a  big creative agency, a small studio, two corporations and I also did freelance work on my own. The variety made me more aware of who I am as a designer and what I need to be happy and fulfilled at work. Now I need to work towards obtaining (or maybe building?) the job of my dreams. I am focusing on all the great things my work experiences of the past year have taught me rather than just pondering why I don't have a full-time gig yet.

The most important thing I learned this year is that most creative jobs are a journey, not something included in a bundle along with your diploma. You have to put time, effort and lots of patience in order to make a career out of it. You need to keep learning and creating - more, more and always more. Keep that in mind and go get your hands dirty already. You've got this! :)





Dress by XXI • Jacket by Monica's Jeans • Brooch/necklace by Le Château
Socks by Ardene • Shoes by UO

Michel Delpech • Pour un flirt (1971)

How about some cheesy vintage french music? Also, I need the same white boots the first girl is wearing!


  1. Hey!

    Je découvre ton blog! Quel univers! j'adoooooooooore
    Tes cheveux sont magnifiques soit dit en passant ;)
    Je t'ajoute dans ma blog roll :)

    Au plaisir!

  2. Première découverte de ton blog, il est canon franchement, t'habille drôlement bien ! :)

    Des bisous,

  3. What an uplifting, inspiring post :) Just what I needed to read as I'm pursuing what I really want to do while working short-term jobs.

  4. Congrats! I've been thinking a bit about freelance, as a more long term option to travel but I don't have too many artistic options but more writing, proofing and such. It's nice to hear your story though! Along with a super cute dress!


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