October 26, 2014

Cola Cola

Hello there! I spent most of the weekend enjoying my newly furnished living room. Seriously, I can't get over how awesome it looks now that I have a proper, non self-destructing couch. Try sleeping on the same low-quality futon for two entire years and then using it as an actual let's-sit-on-this couch. Not good - it kept falling back into bed position and poking my back with its broken springs. But I digress. I was lucky enough to find the matching chair as well. The duo makes the room look like pretty cohesive despite the fact that none of my furniture comes from the same era. Even my cheap melamine bookshelf looks great with the new  (old?) stuff. All that's missing is a rug and I'll be the happiest homebody in the world! I will post pictures of my lovely abode someday soon, but I must find my dream rug first!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I recently traded my 1.5 room apartment for a nifty 4.5 room, hence the excitement!

Guy eating my hair. You know, cats...

Guy trying to photobomb me, obviously.

• • •
Dress: vintage • Vest: H&M • Socks: XXI • Pin: Le Château • Shoes: Naturalizer, thrifted

The nominees for the title of Number One Song of Past Weekend are...

How was your weekend?

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  1. Gosh I'm in love with your style!
    And the picture with the kitten is just too adorable ^^
    Definetely your new follower.



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