February 14, 2015

Here + There

Preparing my home tour for Ton Petit Look made me fall all over again for my kitschy living room. I ended up with way too many pictures and I couldn't fit all of them in the article, so here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure. 

If it weren't for the bad plumbing, I would surely keep this apartment forever and ever. Le sigh.

February 12, 2015

Told The Moon

I often find myself building my whole outfit around one accessory. My favorite cat print headband was the starting point for today's look. I was working from home so I picked comfy pieces: a sweet lace dress topped with a trusty old cardigan. I've had this particular one since I was 16 - remember the long boyfriend cardigan trend? Best thing ever! Oh, and I put on red lipstick because I wanted to test-drive this trick from The Beauty Department. It did work really well! I can now add Master of Lip Liner to my bio. Yay!

What is your go-to accessory? And your favorite lipstick?


Dress: XXI  •  Cardigan: H&M  •  Headband: UO  •  Shoes: Naturalizer (thrifted)  •  Earrings: Aldo

Martin Rev - Told The Moon (1996)

February 6, 2015

Poet, Fool or Bum

Quick outfit update! I'm such a clothing hoarder that I must put multiple pieces per hanger, which sometimes leads to accidental ready-made outfits like this one. Loose layers in bright colors... what's not to love? 

Have a wonderful weekend! xo


Dress: Le Château  -  Shirt + boots: vintage  -  Necklace: XXI

Oh, Lee <3

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