January 22, 2016


Do you enjoy going through old files and looking at all the funny/questionable/cringe-worthy creations you made in school? I sure do! I accidentally stumbled upon those delightfully bad animations from my glorious college years. I think I made #2 and #3 a few hours before they were due. Silly, silly 18-year-old me.

1. Winnebago + Arizona (exploring movement in Flash CS5, 2012)

Actually, I like this one! I was obsessed with motorhomes and Arizona. I have yet to visit this orange-y paradise... Sigh.

2. You're a Frog (exploring presets in After Effects, 2013)

I'm not good with rhythm.

3. Awesome (exploring camera movements in After Effects, 2013)

I think this was the very last assignment of the year. Apparently, I had given up on pretty much everything. 

Do you keep your old school assignments for laughing purposes? Should bisons be prohibited from wearing sunglasses? Should I be prohibited from animating stuff?


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