April 16, 2016


As a child, I was rarely seen without blunt bangs and a bob (or sometimes a lob - I hate mashup words!). A few times a year, my aunt would cut the whole family's hair: bobs for the girls, bowl cuts for the boys, bringing all of us dangerously close to mushroom cap territory. Hu hu hu.

Thus, getting a similar haircut as a grown-up has always been out of the question... but Pinterest is trying to convince me otherwise. I must resist!

Tank Magazine
Zlata Mangafic By Lena C. Emery For Open Lab Magazine
Unknown source
Sylvie Vartan
Taylor Lashae
Chantal Goya in Masculin féminin

April 3, 2016


I'm starting an amazing new job tomorrow, so I made a megamix of my favorite tunes to create stuff to. New wave, yéyé, fuzz, bollywood, post-punk, experimental... and more. I won't be bringing my laptop (and iTunes library!) to work, so I grabbed a bit of everything - just in case! ;) 

Click here to enjoy the mix.

P.S. - As I'm writing this, Pet Shop Boys' Opportunities is playing in the background and I can totally hear Gainsbourg whispering "I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money" to Anna Karina. Ha!
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